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Welcome to Karen Enegess' Holistic Psychotherapy Center 

Karen Enegess

This website is intended as a brief introduction only; I trust that for more detailed information, and to get a feel for whether I am a good match for you as a therapist, you will contact me directly.  A quality therapy experience includes developing a relationship between the client and a competent practitioner, one in which the client comes to feel trust, safety and comfort with the clinician.  As such, I welcome all inquiries, because I respect your process in finding someone you feel is a good fit for you.

Why “holistic” psychotherapy? 
To me, holistic means the union of body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  In other words, I see you as more than your problems, more than a diagnosis.  I see you as a whole person, and I see myself as a guide and a witness in your healing process.  My approach is collaborative, partnering with my clients to address their goals, starting from a place of compassion and acceptance.  My intention is to remain as present with you as I can be.  My training as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor was based in traditional ‘talk’ therapy, however I may also incorporate modalities such as mindfulness, yoga and other body-based therapies, and expressive arts therapies, depending on a client’s needs and interests.   Together we can decide what approaches are the best fit. 

Healing typically involves some discomfort – this is part of the natural growth process.  My  goal is to create a safe, supportive environment for your healing process, in order for you to move through that discomfort, and to get on track towards reaching your full potential.  I believe that we all have the answers inside – and sometimes we need a little guidance to help find them.

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